Don D Higbee

Web Designer, Developer, Marketer & Entrepreneur

Mastering the internet for over 25 years

I believe every person should be able to live their retirement in the style they deserve. I help people who have not fully prepared for retirement by teaching them how to build an online business.

About Me

My Story

Hi, my name is Don Higbee and I have been dabbling and mastering all things internet for more than 25 years. I have designed, built and maintained countless websites, provided and managed hosting services and developed applications and tools to make the internet a better place. I’ve made money, lost money and made it back again.

What started as a hobby is now a way of life. I turned passion into a business. Now my main focus in life is to help others achieve their dreams.

First-class Professional


  • SEO Services
  • Social Media Services
  • Responsive Design
  • Product Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Application Development
  • PHP/JQuery